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JEE Faculty

Everyone choose something for himself to do in regard to his career. Whenever we’re deciding a career for ourselves the most important thing which we should keep in mind that we should always go ahead with something we have complete knowledge of, something which we really want to do and something where we know that we will definitely do well. If one wants to become a journalist but doesn’t succeed there and starts working as a footwear designer because he/she has a little knowledge about it. When we start something with a little knowledge it is very harmful as we aren’t completely aware of what we are doing. And if something like this happens in the field of education i.e. teaching then it doesn’t affect only you or your firm but also the students you’re teaching. It is very important for a person to have full knowledge of his/her subject when he is deciding to become a teacher. So, today we’ll discuss what all is required to become a good JEE faculty.

When we say a teacher, what everyone understands from that is the person from whom the students will learn or the one who teaches the student about the life or the subject. When parents are enrolling a student in a school or a coaching institute they send their kids to study, they trust the teacher that he will teach our child the most appropriate things. The teacher is a candle, who lights the life of his student.

The one who is their hope to understand the subject, to find out the solution to their problem, to help them achieve their ambition in life, to clear the exam for their dream college/high school/job and what not. When you get a rank of a teacher there are so many responsibilities which come along with it.  Here are the things which are necessary to be a good JEE faculty:

  • Teaching style

No doubt that every teacher teaches in class, but everyone has experienced one thing that every other teacher has his own way to teach. During your school time, you must have realized that you didn’t like every teacher who used to teach you but also, you liked a few very much, and the reason behind that is their style of teaching. So, whenever you are teaching observe your student and it is very easy to figure out whether they are liking your method of teaching or not. If yes, nothing better than that. If not, then you need to bring some changes to your teaching pattern, maybe you can include some activities to make the lesson more interesting or give live examples which help the student to stay concentrated in the class. Student likes to learn from you only when they like your method of teaching.

  • Knowledge of the subject

Another important thing for a JEE faculty is to have a deep knowledge of their own subject i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Preparing student for JEE is not an easy task and, it is just not the student but also the teachers who have to be prepared for it. When a teacher has complete knowledge of the subject it becomes easier for both, As it becomes easier to explain better and able to understand better.

  • Achieving the objective

Being a teacher you need to make sure that the objective of the lesson is achieved and is clear to students. If the objective is not clear the student will not be able to understand the lesson further. Use different techniques to make the objective of the lesson to understand if the current technique is not helping them. Because if the students do not understand then it is a waste of time for you and your students.

  • Classroom management

Well, managing the classroom is a must-have the skill for a teacher. If you don’t know how to manage then the student doesn’t care about what you teach. It is very usual that some students are lost in their own world while a teacher is teaching and there are some who don’t let others study too. A teacher should know how to tackle with them calmly and manages the calm environment in the class.

  • Prepare them systematically

Being a JEE faculty, the teacher should be updated with the previous exam patterns and should prepare the students in a systematic way. A teacher should know which topics should be covered first and which topics can be grouped together, how much time is required etc.

The teacher can always get some question papers for the student after every unit as it’d help the student to memorize everything that they’ve learned in the class. Helping student with the examples is always helpful.

  • Study material

Being a teacher you can always provide the most relevant notes to the students or some sample papers to solve. You can also suggest some other study material which they might find on the internet for the practice. The more practice a student does, the better he understands the subject.

  • Make sure they understand

Last but not the least, make sure your student understands what you teach. You have to be very observant of every student as all of them are different. Make sure they understand and learn rather than mugging up the syllabus. Tell them to ask a question when they don’t understand anything. Be friendly so that they don’t feel shy while questioning but till a limit.

This was about “how to be a good JEE faculty” and we’ll keep discussing more things in upcoming articles. It is a very stressing period for your student to keep them motivated and inspired and help them be positive.

Good luck! Ace it!


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    Is it necessary to teach CBSE syllabus and solutions in depth at IIT coaching or train to become good at answering MPC questions using time management or any other way.

  2. Samudra Banerjee

    This article is really helpful for any teacher especially who wants to be excellent JEE /NEET faculty like me .Thank u .

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