If you feel think hiring great talent is tough now, get ready for how much harder it will be in a few years. New jobs are emerging, talent pools are shrinking, and competition is getting more intense. The only way to get ahead of all this is by understanding the trends that are shaping how companies recruit.

Recruitment processes have always kept evolving from time to time, We need to be prepared for such new trends. Let us have a look at few of the latest ones.

Reinventing the Interview Process 

It’s kind of a disaster when recruiters spend over 20 hours company time interviewing someone. It finally turns out be extremely exhausting and fatiguing activity to interview more than 500 students and selecting just 1% of them. And so, companies are now evolving new and innovative ways of how they interact with the job candidates. Screening automation, candidate relationship, management tools for recruiting and soft skills assessments are the trends defining the future of recruiting.

Talent acquisition has a Prominent Seat 

According to the recent studies, talent acquisition is the number one priority of recruiters. The recruiting team will like to have individuals on board who are self-motivated, who are passionate about their, work, company and industry, who are quick learners and those who act, speak and look like brands. Talent acquisition has prominent seat at the executive table.

Hiring volume will increase

The majority of recruiting leaders declared that they will be busy this year. Over 60% of the top companies are demanding an increase in hiring volume. Recruiters will be even busier this year and will focus more on quality of hire too.

Employers Branding 

Most teams invest in traditional recruitment tactics, but employer branding is at the top of their wish list. Employer branding is the key to grab candidates’ attention, especially when centered on company culture and benefit.


The recruiters nowadays want diversity in every respect. Be it on an individual level or at the level of its employee base. Areas, where companies focus their diversity efforts, are gender, racial and ethnic values, age or generation, education, disability, religion etc. A diverse environment ensures improved company culture, improved company performance and better representation and reflection to customers. If a company wants to have the best possible products and services the company must have a diverse employee base with people coming from all blocks of life.

Digitization will continue as a trend 

As the world is becoming digital globally, digitization will continue to grow and prosper thus the number of job opportunities and hiring space in this field will increase exponentially. Job aspirants should acquire talent in this direction. Some of the fields like cloud computing, digital marketing, product development will give a boom to the recruitment in this field.

Millennials will be taking up senior positions in companies 

This is something that we are seeing nowadays in startups. Millennials are nowadays owners and founders of startups. In these industries usually, experience takes a backseat and skills are more important, as such millennials can be seen filling up the positions of seniors as well.

Social media will play a very important role in the recruitment

We have noticed already this happening and now we can expect this getting intensified. Companies will be developing their employee brand through social media. They will be communicating with their employee brand and to their potential employees through social media. They are and will continue to announce upcoming vacancies and opportunities available with them through social media.

Companies will keep a credential check on their employees and candidates through social media

The interview that happens during recruitment lasts for a very short period of time. It is not really possible for the recruiters to know the exact personality and thinking of the candidate during this small session. Prangs of hesitation, nervousness, and lack of good communication skill may lead to the recruiter losing a potential candidate. Social media is bringing a new solution to this problem. Now recruiters will also keep a check on the social media happenings of the candidate in order to judge their real qualities. Companies will also keep a credential check on their employees through social media.  So be careful about what you post out there.

Artificial Intelligence 

AI will be replacing some of the processes that we do manually today. Isn’t it a very exciting time. AI is really helpful and it has much application.AI may also lead to the replacement of the recruiters as it can do many processes like searching candidates, screening candidates, scheduling candidates and interviewing them.

Data and its effects 

Data is the new corporate superpower and is absolutely critical. Why is it critical? All the people around have been banging the tables trying to elevate what they do and be more strategic. Well now there is data everywhere and we need to embrace it and use it in a way that it impacts the business with better results and drive productivity and efficiency for the companies. Do you bring data to every single meeting you go to? According to a research, 69% of talent professionals think data could elevate their positions. All and all there is data everywhere and this data has created a lot of job vacancies and opportunities starting from data search to its management, its delivery etc.

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