An Analysis of JEE Main 2018

An Analysis of JEE Main 2018

JEE Main 2018 offline (pen- paper) and online mode conducted on April 8 and April 15, 16 respectively seemed not so daunting for the candidates across the country. The difficulty level of the exam was in a way found out to be moderate to easy for a serious JEE aspirant. Most of the questions were more or less a replica of the questions seen in past question papers. However, there have been talks that the online exam was a little easier than the offline one. Also most of the candidates had chosen to sit for pen and paper based test. No technical error complaints were received from any examination centres as well.

Guidelines were Strictly Carried out at Every Centre

Not even a single candidate was allowed to carry any belongings to the examination hall except the admission card. At the same time, diabetic candidates were given permission to take transparent water bottles and eatables along with them. The examination centres also made sure a wall clock was installed inside every hall and the ball pens required for the candidates were distributed.

Section Wise Analysis of JEE Main 2018

Out of the three sections, namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, the latter was a bit nerve-wracking for Online (Paper 1) candidates. On the contrary, Physics and Chemistry appeared to be difficult for Offline and Online (Paper 2) candidates respectively.

The difficulty level for both and online (Paper 1 and 2) are as follows:

Subject Offline Online (Paper 1) Online (Paper 2)
Physics Difficult Moderate Moderate
Chemistry Easy to Moderate Easy to Moderate Difficult
Mathematics Easy Difficult Easy to Moderate
Overall Easy Moderate Moderate to Difficult


Many JEE aspirants complained that the distribution of marks for topics in every section was not done systematically. The expected cutoff could be anywhere between 95 and 105.




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