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Author: Ankita Khamesra

“If not YOU then who? If not NOW then when?” Believing in the same with a strong inclination towards Training and Development, pursued career as Soft Skill Trainer and conducted soft skill trainings, seminars and personal coaching. An MBA in Human Resource with MLL-LW, worked in corporate for 7 years till date. Contributed startups in developing productive culture, change management, consulting services and continuing to cherish my passion of evolving people with learning the art of self-development. A person with strong will power and self-driven attitude cherish to share opinion on different aspects and areas. With an urge to be with time and bringing change believe, ‘Life is full of mysteries! And in conquest to unfold the same’.
How Directors can increase Faculty productivity?

How Directors can increase Faculty productivity?

In Today’s world the changing management acumen and need of going beyond the required technical skills, has given word ‘Human Resource’ a new horizon. With the bigger perspective today, not only in corporate but in all other areas Human Resource concepts and practices are becoming need of the hour. As they say, “Hire for the attitude and train for the skill”, with this framework Human Resource has become a very important part of Education Industry too. Talking from the Institutional…

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