We always talk and listen about fair judgment, fair treatment, fair results and always demand for it? Don’t we? I don’t think there’s anyone who’d raise his/hand in opposition of it but what’s more surprising is, having people with a thinking of fair treatment with everyone everywhere we’ve uncountable scams not only in the matter of business, jobs or politics but even in the education.

Isn’t it very shameful? Because whenever anyone makes a mistake we say what you learned in your school, is that what your parents or teachers taught you? And I wonder what do those say who pays money to get into any school college or job taking someone else’s place? And more than that, what do they learn from their parents when they were the ones to help them with that.

Well, welcome to the current situation in India, my dear friends. Though it’s not only about India right now the question is why is it even there in India? Where everyone claims to be a patriot, responsible and honest citizen, how are the scams even happening?

Well, I know that not every one of you is aware of all of the scams happening in the education industry so, writing this article especially to spread the awareness among everyone and hope it helps in bringing a better change initiated by no one else but you. So I’ll start with the recent scam which has recently happen and followed by the rest.


  1. NEET Examination Scam

Scam in NEET exam…really? Well, I was as surprised as you to know about it but it’s no one else but people amongst us who’re encouraging this. As per the reports so far, MR. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Director of NEET wrote a complaint letter to CBI about few people brainwashing and assuring some parent and students to get their NEET exam cleared to get into a reputed govt. and private college across India charging a big amount of money. Good thing is that CBI has already arrested 3 persons responsible for the same in U.P., Delhi, and Punjab. It was also in the news that the criminals took amount ranging from 10 lakhs to 35 lakhs per students assuring them to get their exams cleared. CBI is trying to find more information about it.

Now, after reading, if we think about it once are the people who took money only responsible? I’d not say yes.  As students or parents entertaining them by paying them as much as they want, letting them do what they want to do and by doing this we’re also doing a crime.

We can’t see anything more than our success or our child in a reputed college but what about those who really deserve it? And what’s the guarantee that the person for whom money is being paid will study and pass in college and till where will you keep paying money and corrupting the society for who the person is not? Don’t you think if you don’t pay them it’ll not happen? Don’t you think that if you work a little harder you’ll be proud of yourself or your child? The country runs on citizens, remember that.


  1. Online Education Scams

Doesn’t everyone want to do so many things? But the question is, who has so much time? No one! One common answer from every one. That’s when we start googling about online courses for PG, diploma, etc. Now, not that its bad but sometimes we go ahead without doing a proper research about it and get trapped. So, make sure that you gain proper knowledge about the institute you’re enrolling with. There are uncountable scams happening in the name of distance education these days. As logo of all the universities and colleges are available it became very easy to fool people. So, do everything carefully, choose smartly and stay safe.

Just in case you’ve been a victim, don’t forget to report about it and share with the people you know. So that, they can save themselves and the people they know from the same.


  1. Scams in the coaching system

Not only online education or the cheating in the exams but there are many other scams like coaching institutes whereas some of them are coaching factories in actual. There have been a lot of scams in the coaching industries in past years. Reasons for this can be many and one of them can be not hiring proper faculty, taking it as a money-making business, not treating faculty well and many others. When one starts a coaching institute, the responsible person should keep in mind to hire a staff who can not only help a student in solving textbooks problem but the mental problem as well. Students go through a lot of pressure because of studies during this phase hence, it is required that the teacher makes sure that student in mentally fir when he’s studying for the entrance exam. Secondly, the faculty should be given proper attention as they are the ones who’re helping in upbringing the best in students. And last but not the least, it should be a money-making business. No high fee in the name of Quality teaching should be charged to the students.


So, the above mentioned are not the only reasons for scams in the education system but just a few of them.

What if not today but tomorrow your child becomes the victim of the same? Be aware of your rights, Research about any coaching institute or any distance learning institute before enrolling yourself into it. Don’t transfer money without getting proper knowledge about anything.

Only you can save yourself, and if all of you do that, you save everyone else, without doing anything.

All the best!





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