Facilitating Marketing Education beyond Kotler

Kotler books have created a special niche for themselves in marketing education. In this article, the term ‘Kotler’ denotes not just the books written by Prof. Phillip Kotler and his team, but all the theoretical books being used in marketing management classes. Paradigms are being set and secondary data are almost being discussed in an object-oriented manner. The same theories are being extrapolated in different contexts. Above all, we can encounter information overload in terms of different archaic theories. If we observe carefully, we could find a vacuum, even in those South Asian or Indian Editions of various International Books.

When there is a dearth of first-hand information and primary data, usually the learners are not able to appreciate the subject much. So, is education just the repetition of some hundreds or thousands of concepts in a fixed manner? Or, is there a bigger responsibility upon the shoulders of new age educators as well as learners? What should be done to make the teaching-learning process more relevant and useful? As a Marketing trainer and facilitator, one should always ask: What should be the objective of marketing education in this era of Information overload? As a learner/marketer, there is a need to contemplate upon the applicability of those concepts in the socioeconomic environment and market forces.

When there is a deluge of course materials viz. free ebooks, vlogs, tutorials, MOOCs etc. teaching-learning process is not just the responsibility of preceptors but also of the receivers of knowledge. To make the discourse useful for the target audience, Marketing Educators should always resort to real time data and present challenges. Without the feel of the real-time data, it is imminent to get succumbed to dogmas. Without the sense of responsibility to develop a fresh perspective from a subjective mindset, the whole process will be obsolete. For an e.g. unbiased study of Startups and MSMEs can give a new orientation to the age-old theories based upon western corporate mammoths.

The educators and learners should question the age-old theories and actively participate in the theory building process with reference to their own socio-economic milieu. Unless we incorporate the minuscule efforts, the time spent in marketing management classrooms will be futile; And both the educators and learners will have to re-start the action research process when faced with real time challenges in industry/research/consultancy projects.

Dr. Ravi Shankar Bhakat

Dr. Ravi is a marketing professional with 7 years of experience in academia and industry. He has worked in StartUps and SMEs in the role of Marketing Analyst and Manager. He strongly believes in striking a balance between academia and industry through regular interaction and exchange programs.

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