”If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way he learns”. Well, this thought brought about a lot of innovation in the education system over years. The modern day students are learning how to fly drones and 3d printing their artwork. The crazy technologies that are replacing pencils and papers in the classes are not just benefiting these students but have also become boon for the educators. Innovation has become a part of education as the approach towards student has been changed throughout the years either it can be from blackboard to EDUCOMP smart class or X-SEED etc. Innovations are helping faculties to share their knowledge using technologies to students and provide them with practical exposure.

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Virtual Reality

When we talk about other professionals, they don’t have to handle such a wild and immature crowd daily as compared to that of the teaching faculty. The teaching of Virtual reality allows the teacher to practice with virtual children without any fear of stumbling or making mistakes. Those are able to experience the essence of the actual classroom. So, it improves the comfortability level of the faculties. There is a child with a physical problem and then there is a child who is going to take out his cell phone and do something with the cell phone right in front of the teacher. The Teachers are being trained for a world that is so genius and needs a bit of practicing to give a progressive outcome.

3D Printing –

3d printing in schools is revolutionizing, the art of design and engineering. These printers can make machine parts, ornaments, and even guns. Yesterday’s art and craft is a modern day’s engineering. These 3D printers are helping teachers to explain their subjects more effectively. Projects are assigned to Students and activity of designing prototypes and analyzing designs which need a lot of focus. Students are also highly engaged and captivated in such a way that distraction is not their friend anymore. Teachers can now work in a calmer environment with sleepy minds replaced by the enthusiast and curious ones. You can now expect an awakened crowd even in the social science class. Amazing isn’t!!!

Cloud technology

A direct access to data on student’s study habits by doing homework online, students can provide engagement data on how long they spend their time on assignments and whether or not they are taking notes. Faculty can evaluate student activities. Teachers can use this data to even analyze how effective their notes are, in which subject and in which portion students are facing problems and can even use this data to prepare their teaching assignments, schedules, and proceedings. It’s more convenient and more cost-effective for both the teachers and students. Teachers are able to reach more students in more meaningful ways.


With the biometrics technology, you have got fingerprints scanning to borrow library books and iris scanning instead of ID cards. Nice way to catch those naughty ones right? Fake attendance has always been an issue for the faculty. Many new ways were adopted but the smart ones always found a way to tackle it but with the introduction of biometric technology this game of fooling and bunking will come to an end. This technology is even useful for the education system to keep a track of the attendance of teachers, especially when we talk about the government schools and colleges. Teachers will even be able to tally whether the students are concentrating or not while attending the online classes using eye tracking technologies. This will help them to analyze the quality of their video lectures.


Holograms are like old school projectors but in 3D.  It will allow teachers to give a lecture to students across the world. Hologram technology will help teachers lecture and explain difficult topics and topics impossible to explain on board or with videos. Imagine how simple it will be for faculty to explain to their students the connection between atoms, working of humans organs or explaining the physical and chemical phenomenon. How clearly, interactively, colorfully and most importantly visually one can teach the beginnings of all planets, how it developed, magnetic field, the makeup of the earth’s crust and much more. It will make knowledge easier to grasp and more enjoyable. It is a new way for teachers to captivate students with a lesson. Kids when learning this way are completely immersed, so no scope of distractions. What an innovation!!!

If someday, someone comes back from past to today’s classrooms after 50 years, they won’t notice much difference. But now new technology is coming in to help teachers to engage students mind, and make them understand the concepts. After all, education is all about learning and not scoring!


It is all about the innovation which is driving the changes all over the education system. The correlation between the innovation and the education system is emerging day-by-day. Now, the time has come when education cannot go without innovation as the foundation of the education system is getting stronger with the recipe of innovation. The generation Z will start their classes with tabs and laptops instead of pen and pencils. The innovation in the education system in India is really growing with a lightning speed with a hope of blending creativity with the routine academics. Will it continue to a brighter future that we have to wait and watch!!!


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