Engineers are experts of machines while managers are the rulers of the market. One knows to design other knows to deploy. One knows the value other knows the price. So why do people merge the two streams when the roads are so different?? There is no single or simple answer to this question.  The world is changing every day, so is the technology and the demand for it. More and more engineers are going for an MBA after engineering. The question is really in talks these days. Well, there is a lot more for you to know. So, get ready to dive into the ocean of lesser-known facts and explore the answer!

Mba after engineering is a right choice

Fresher In Trouble

Engineers going for MBA is not a rare thing these days. With fewer core jobs for the fresher there are hardly many options for them to consider but go with only one that could give them some job security and a better future option then struggle with codes. When all you did was study machines, lack of technical jobs for freshers is such a big problem that needs to be addressed with all those new engineering colleges opening up in the next city or town. The most prominent reason why B.Tech passed outs go for an MBA is lack of openings at the core technical level. Lack of experience makes them anxious when they find no other option for them but go ahead with and try their luck in management and in the meanwhile accept whatever little pay they get at work.

Life Seems To Come To A Halt

Even when you hit upon the core job you get bored soon doing the same kind of technical job that becomes melancholic after a few years. They get the feeling that they are stuck in the race where other things are not moving ahead. Reality hits home and engineers are out to experience and explore the only option closer that is MBA. Apart from boredom, another reality that hits the engineers is lack of growth prospects at their job. It is like waking up to the same stuff every day and being hopeless about anything better to happen in your life. To achieve new heights they start feeling the need to add some management skills to technical ones. And what is better than an MBA?

The Income Enhancer

Engineering + MBA is such a lethal combination to have in the business world. Doing an MBA after engineering definitely improves career prospect. However, for an engineer to become manager he needs to have a little bit of work experience and the knowledge of how business works or functions. Generally it is because an engineer tends to take on the management role as long as they are working means that if an engineer is working in an organization for three to four years, he or she will definitely get promoted and move on to vendor management or people management, where not so fresher and junior engineer work under them. Engineers tend to rise through their ranks in their industry and move on to a managerial position in the same field. It is the strong analytical capability that engineers possess which is very much valued in the business industry. But engineering education does not really teach them about business aspects, it’s more about technical innovation, it creates a world of objects. Management, on the other hand, is about earning money from those objects. It is a double sword, engineering plus MBA. This will definitely increase your salary package.

When You Are Not So Good With Codes

A lot of people hate coding and pretend to love it just for the sake of a so-called “bright future”. Well for these people MBA is a boon! The marketing and sales enhancement capability comes handy even if your technical skills are not enough to get you a place at your dream company. The pricing of a particular product, its marketing, management, analyzing the outcome and designing better strategies to sell them are extremely helpful qualities; every good company is in the need of. Apparently, engineering did not teach you any of these. Hence leaving you to the only option and that is getting into an MBA and companies need such people apart from those coding geeks.

They Walk Together!

It is like an engineer has innovated something new and after the creation, he or she does not know what to do with that but an engineer with an MBA degree knows exactly where to sell that object. If engineering focuses on the creation of something, management is all about getting the creations sold out. If engineers are good at designing things, managers make it possible to utilize the designs. That is what the advantage of doing an MBA after engineering. Engineers know the price, managers know the value. An engineering degree will make sure how to apply knowledge practically; an MBA degree will teach you how to manage people with engineering degrees who are going to work for you.

You Are In The Age Of Startups

This is the era of startups. New projects are coming up every day. Technology is making your life easier. Some people always have a flair for leadership and have held positions and responsibilities in college. They realize their entrepreneurial and leadership skills only after they get into college. They then start thinking and behaving as a thoughtful person and want to shape themselves for a corporate life ahead. Engineers with a good product building capability want to convert it into a profitable business venture. Studying management and entrepreneurship can help them achieve their goal. In a world which is technology driven, engineers need to go beyond creating products to price them and put them up in a market for what they are worth. An MBA degree plays a key role in it.

It Happens Only In India

Well, sometimes it is because of our mentalities as well! How? Let me tell you. In India when a child has to choose a subject, he is forced to have science. Why? Because according to the majority of Indians it is the subject that will make your career. Then when you need to choose field engineering is celebrated as the so-called “best career making the subject’. And then when your engineering degree fails you to give 1 lakh + a month MBA becomes the best choice. If you look at the US, UK, they are clear whether to go for technical skills or managerial skills. But in India surprisingly a lot of engineers look at MBA if people have taken engineering but they fail to have good technical skills.


An engineering student who is also an MBA graduate is well versed in management knowledge, skills, techniques as well as technical engineering abilities.  Having an Engineering degree with an MBA degree gives the person more confidence to develop and apply strategies for the profit and growth of his or her company, making them indispensable. In the future, they will be those who would head the conversation about what should and should not be done for the betterment of the organization.  Technomanagers are the choice of every organization today.



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