The Students after completion of their senior secondary examinations are always subjected to a constant pressure of clearing NEET-UG. All these young minds involve themselves in the Race against the Time. Nowadays, the Internet is flooded with the search topic of “NEET 2019 changes”. So it is relevant to ask what NEET-UG is. The answer is quite simple. The National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam (NEET-UG) is an entrance examination exclusively conducted in India for those students who aspire for getting admission in MBBS as well as Dental courses (BDA) in government and private institutions in and around the country. The NEET-UG is conducted every year by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in partnership with the Prometric Testing Pvt. Ltd., USA. To everyone’s awareness, NEET-UG has replaced the All India Pre-Medical Examination (AIPMT) in 2013. They say changes are constant; therefore recently NEET-2019 changes came as a big picture which had some tremendous impact on the aspirants. Let us find out how in our next segment that how NEET-2019 changes are going to affect the students.

neet 2019 changes and impact over students


Recently a big shock came into the way of NEET-UG aspirants. The Union Education Ministry has put a full-stop on the speculations that NEET-UG, 2019 will be conducted twice a year and the mode of examination is supposed to be Online. According to the recent press release from the Education Ministry, NEET-UG will be conducted once a year with a pen and paper mode in the same number of languages as earlier. This news brought a lot of chaos within the young minds. This sudden shift of decision has put everyone in a dilemma. Everyone is looking for the reason for such decision, wherein the Ministry of Health came into the picture by stating the following reasons for the decision:

  • The computer-based examination may be unfair for the aspirants belonging from the rural areas.
  • Conducting the examination twice a year may put extra pressure on the young minds, which is not advisable.

First, let us have a look at the guidelines which the students are required to adhere with:

  1. Starting with the dress code, no full-sleeves are allowed for both the genders.
  2. Footwear, Sandals, and slippers are allowed but the shoes are not permitted.
  3. Any kind of stationary like calculator, pouch, bags, Log Tables etc is prohibited.
  4. Any other items which could be used for unfair means are strictly prohibited.
  5. Added to it, any metallic items like wrist watches, Bracelet, Camera etc are also not allowed.

This piece of news, NEET-2019 Changes, became a heated topic in the country. Everyone has their own views about the policy, where we can find some are supporting while others are protesting about the decision. Nobody is sure about the ultimate consequence of the decision. What about our student-community?


There are many angles to look into this matter. If we talk about the students from rural India or some remote villages across the country, will they be comfortable with the online-based examination? Everyone talks about the fair chance; do you think this is a fair chance for those students? There are still some areas existing in this country where the network connection is just a mirage. In that situation, having a computer-based examination can never be fair. Therefore, the NEET-2019 changes have given those students the fair chance to come into the mainstream and face the competition. Talking about the second aspect that is twice the conduction of examination has got a dual impact on the student’s mind.

The first set of the students believe that the decision made is absolutely banged on point as it reduces the excessive stress on the budding brains of the generation. They feel that the students are already subjected to the excessive pressure during their board examinations plus the pressure of scoring well in the competitive examinations as well. In that scenario, conducting the examination twice a year will be exerting intolerable stress and pressure to the young minds. Therefore, it is better not to have the examination conducted twice a year.

Putting a light on the second set of students, they strongly denounce the decision made by the Education Ministry. They feel highly disappointed as they assume that the second chance of doing better is taken away from them. Sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances, students could not give their 100% but they analyze their mistakes and wait for the next chance to improve upon, wherein they can prepare well and achieve good grades. Student community wants to know that why second chance is given only to the JEE Mains aspirants and not to them. What is your take on this decision?

What’s NEXT?

It is very well said, “It is better to start early”. Therefore without any delay preparation for NEET 2019 should be on track.

Following are some of the tips, which can help you in NEET-2019.

  • Start analyzing the past question paper and get an idea about the pattern.
  • Attend 2-3 Mock tests.
  • Schedule you time-table and without procrastination, follow it.
  • Allot time for each and every subject and analyze your weak areas.
  • Focus more and try to improve on those sections.
  • Prefer standard books and publications as well.



The decision has come on the NEET-2019 changes, which is accepted by the majority of us and at the same time, it is facing a strong backlash from the others as well. Every individual has their own perception which can neither be comprehended by a third party nor can it be completely satisfied. Therefore, thinking from all the obvious angle, the Government have arrived at a decision which is required to be followed across the country. As cut-throat competition is the new trend, all the students have to understand its necessity and be a part of it. There is a great saying, “Time and Tide wait for none”, and therefore waiting for a second chance to appear in the competition is just a hoax.



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