How Directors can increase Faculty productivity?

How Directors can increase Faculty productivity?

In Today’s world the changing management acumen and need of going beyond the required technical skills, has given word ‘Human Resource’ a new horizon. With the bigger perspective today, not only in corporate but in all other areas Human Resource concepts and practices are becoming need of the hour.

As they say, “Hire for the attitude and train for the skill”, with this framework Human Resource has become a very important part of Education Industry too.

Talking from the Institutional perspective, in today’s competitive era where everyone is fervent to get the best talent in, intervention of HR recruitment process is providing an additional edge to both the parties. With a more clear approach and assistance it becomes easier for the Institutions to hire the right talent while for the talent, intervention of HR Recruitment process by a facilitator helps them in grooming on the right parameters. The ambiguity reduces, expectations match and thereby a more professional long term association develops between both the parties.

On the other side, the HR intervention in Education Industry has a great impact on seeking the right employment. Accustomed to online social networking and messaging, a large pool of individual lack interpersonal skills. Here HR related educational programs help the individuals to become work ready.

Inter personal skills, Soft skill training, Work ready communication, Campus to Corporate are some of the great HR training areas which are creating wonders for writing the success stories.

With the changing milieu and new trends, Educational Institutions are focusing a lot on Personal Development skills along with the required technical skills. Soft skill training has entered classrooms from corporate offices and PR training has made its way as mandatory subject showcases the importance of Human Resources in to Education Industry.

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