The biggest concern of parents nowadays is to decide upon the best education system to be provided to their children. To determine with respect to their income, which system will provide a quality education to their progeny? There is always a competition going on between Public vs Private school. But how can one differentiate between a public and a private school?  To be precise, private schools are those, which are wholly or partly funded by the student’s tuition fee and administered by a private body whereas public schools are those, which are funded by local, state or national government. Even the administration is done by the government body. This mentioned difference becomes the deciding factor for the selection of the schools. Even the impact of Public Vs Private School war has a tremendous effect on the entire education system. Let us see how.

public vs private school


Public schools are the primary and secondary schools which provide education to all the children without charging anything as it is funded and supported by the local, state and national government. The public schools are even funded by taxation as well; therefore some of the parents find it unfair to pay for their children’s education in private schools. The entire education system in public schools is under the control of the government and hence the entire curriculum is designed at the state or the national level. The designed curriculum will be then followed by all the other government schools across the country. The curriculum so designed is solely based on the objective of imparting knowledge irrespective of the region, culture, religion, caste or other factors.

The curriculum is revised regularly to make it more updated with respect to the time. Nowadays there is a change in the trend wherein the admission to the public schools is compared with the status of the individual.  The more powerful status you hold, the less chance for you to get your children admitted to the public school. Isn’t strange? People seek government jobs but do not send their children to the government school. But why they even initiate a war between Public vs Private School. There must be some reason. We shall try to explore some of the reasons.


According to Robert Reich, “As public schools deteriorate the upper-middle class and wealthy admit their children to private ones. As public pools and playgrounds decay, they buy the membership in some private clubs and so on”. Why it is always that between the wars of Private vs Public School, Public schools are martyred. Public schools are funded by the government bodies every year but still, it is lagging in providing the basic facilities. Technology, an infrastructure facility, co-curricular activities, academic support etc are comparatively weaker than that of the private schools. The numbers of students are also very huge and are deprived of all the facilities which they have the right to attain. But the teachers hired are highly qualified and has the caliber to impart great skills and immense knowledge, as they fulfill the state-mandated requirements.


On the broader term, there are two possible reasons, the first one is lack of accountability and the other one is probably the improper utilization of funds. The former reason has a drastic impact on the entire system as neither anyone questions the system and nor the system is answerable to anyone. The schools ignore the parents and anyone else from whom they do not receive any funds. The teachers despite the fact that they highly qualified are least bothered about the careers. Resultant the education system has a question mark.

The latter talks about improper utilization of funds or we can call it “corruption”. According to the 2018-19 budgets, the government has allotted Rs. 85,010 crore for the education. Now the question arises that why there is a mismatch between the amount spent and the learning outcome. This may be due to lack of proper assessment of the money spent, therefore no proper records and hence the answer to the question remains a mystery. Does this indicate that the war between Public vs Private School is nullified? Let us find out in our segment.


The Public vs Private school always has a stiff competition between them. Now we need to understand what are factors that are leading to such competition. Private schools are those which are administered and funded by some private bodies. There will not be any interference from the government for the administration. The funding wholly or partially comes from the tuition fees of the students. The fees collected are comparatively higher than that of the public schools. And the interesting fact is people are willing to pay such higher amount instead of going to the public schools. It is because of which the facilities and the infrastructure of the private schools are excellent. When comes to the curriculum, they follow the same, designed by the government but the only difference is the way in which they reach to the children. They deliver the knowledge not just for the sake of doing instead they deliver it in a way, which can be useful for the entire life. That is where private schools differ from that of the public schools. When we talk about the classroom strength, it is comparatively smaller, so that proper care can be taken for each student. The hiring of the faculties is decided by the school administration, including their salary. This is the reason why the faculties would put a lot of effort to bring the best outcome, as each penny counts.


It has become trendy in recent days to get admission in some prestigious private schools despite the fact that they have to pay a huge amount of money. They say if the base is good the entire construction can rely on that; similarly, if the basics are sharp the career can be brighter. Therefore it is because of this reason people opt for private schools. Moreover, the facilities apart from the academics which are provided with a proper guidance to the students enhance their caliber and give them the direction to progress. They provide the students with proper support so that they can understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Amity Shlaes stated, “At the end, any school public or private, snobby or not, add value to the education system, making the picture more efficient and brighter, in the same way, that Mark Zuckerberg added wealth to the economy even for non-face book fans.” If public schools become more answerable about the amount spent on the development activities and the faculties stop taking teaching for granted, a huge difference can be created. The so-called Public vs Private school war will come to an end. People will start relying on public schools as well and above all the small buds will blossom again.

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