A great saying by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, ”Teaching is a noble profession which shapes the character, ability, and future of an individual.” Teaching is the ability of the teachers to impart knowledge, skills and their experiences to their disciples. Teaching profession lays the base for the construction of other professions as well as Doctor, Engineers, and Managers etc. Now the question arises that how the noble word is associated with the teaching profession. Let us try to find out the answer.


teaching profession - a noble career


There is a myth about Teaching Profession that it is just considered to be a relaxed career option. But it is the moral responsibility of the teachers to pave the way for the students towards a brighter future ahead. Nobility relies on the deed of the profession and not on any other aspect. Similarly, teaching has a huge contribution to molding the future generation for a better existence. It gives guidance and equal opportunity to each and every individual to learn, understand and develop the skills necessary for the survival.

They say “changes are constant”. These changes make an individual adaptable, by imparting knowledge and preparing them to cope up with the same. It is a never-ending process that holds esteem and students welfare higher than financial benefits. Beginning in the Gurukul era, teachers imparted life lessons that can nowhere to be found in any book. Along with the conventional methodology they disseminated knowledge that shall help an individual for their entire lifetime. Therefore it is rightly said by Aristotle, “Those who impart knowledge to the children shall be honored more than those who produce them”. This gives acknowledgment to the teachers who teach the art of surviving to their disciples, the skills to cope up with the changes and the foresightedness to deal with any uncertainty.


There is no better investment when compared to a career in Teaching or in a teaching profession. Individuals with the ability and the intention of molding the career of the students, sharing knowledge and their experiences can invest in choosing the noble, teaching profession. These individuals should act as a catalyst for bringing in several necessary changes. They hold the responsibility of furnishing and nurturing the intellectual capacity of a student. Not only this, they foster the caliber of the students so that they can develop the necessary skill sets. Such qualified educators can make a lot of differences. The demand for such an individual is ever growing.


Since ages, Teaching Profession has become a part and parcel of life. Therefore, it is termed as the noblest profession since then. If we talk about teachers, Indian culture and history have an abundance of such eminent personality. Starting with Gautam Buddha whose teachings has created a lot of difference in the life of dacoit Angulimala. The great teacher Ved Vyasa, who has written the holy Mahabharata and Bhagwad Gita. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, whose disciple was Swami Vivekananda, both of them showed the world a new direction of living. They inspired and changed the lives of many youths who find themselves directionless.

Moving on, the Rabindranath Tagore who introduced the Gurukul System represented a new style of teaching. This opened the doors of learning. One can never forget our “missile man of India”, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, a great teacher, was a youth leader. He motivated the students to use their knowledge for the country’s development.  All these teachers from decades are considering Teaching Profession as their moral responsibility. Thus, making it a noble profession since then. These teachers paved the way for the youngsters to change the world so that equality, freedom, and dignity prevail in this world. They taught us about the sustainability that can bring peace and enlighten the world by keeping away the darkness.


Imparting knowledge and sharing information is not the only responsibility of a teacher. Rather guiding the individuals to attain their goals and objectives is the major aspect of teaching Profession. Everyone cannot acquire the position; it requires passion that drives the individual towards the same. A good teacher is the one who is able to connect with the children, have the problem-solving ability and have a great impact by their teaching on their disciples.

It requires a good communication skill, in-depth knowledge of the subject and ability to infuse confidence. Motivating the people and molding the young minds to work for the welfare of the society is the necessity. These are those who are known by their deeds and work. Many opportunities are emerging for the teachers. If one has the inner curiosity to learn and share the knowledge with others for their welfare can venture into the teaching profession.


The teaching profession cannot be just understated; it is a superpower that enables an individual to formulate a framework that can accommodate the building blocks of other professions. Which provides a platform that helps the individuals to develop their skills and inculcate the immense knowledge. Teaching profession is regarded as the mother to all the other professions because of its selfless deeds. Just like a mother who guides her children and gives them direction in their life; teaching profession also supports other career options to reach the standards which have been already set. It nourishes the students with the knowledge and the adaptability to survive in the difficult situations. According to Brad Henry, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and infuse the love of learning within an individual”. Respect them!!!

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