Weekly News Bulletin 4-NOV-2018

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Education Sector called for an alternative policy to restore the public trust with a composite platform organized with 25 unions. The convention was organized by the joint forum for Movement on Education (JFME). With the official neglect, rampant centralization of authority and communalisation prevalent in Education Policy and Governance. It sad to see slammed government for neglecting the role and potential of education in nation-building. With the continuous reduction and budgetary allocations and corporatization of governance has resulted in a deplorable state. And it has also been brought to notice that 37% of the teaching post across Public-fund colleges and Universities in India remain vacant.


Rana Uppalapati the International Skater and business associate of Tatas Titian Group has been skating across the Golden Quadrilateral. To raise funds for the education of 25,000 underprivileged girl children. This help to create awareness among people and children in child safety. The main purpose of the this to make children aware of the Good touch and Bad touch.

Rana Uppalapati said that he will be covering the Golden Quadrilateral over 90 days by halting in villages, towns, and cities. “good touch and bad touch” is a part of Educate to carry Her Onwards (ECHO), a program which is contributed to and funded by many organizations.

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The process of imparting and acquiring the skills, knowledge, and values simultaneously is termed Education. This is the most common definition of education. The essence of education is changing Gradually. The whole concept of education is dissolving and it is becoming more of a commodity.  The commercialization of education is becoming the trend. What is it? How did it come to the main picture? The “commercialization of education” is a way of disrupting the conventional methodology. These are done by introducing commercial activities like an advertisement, with the sole purpose of generating more profits. How the entire transitions from educations to the commercialization of education come? Earlier, education was considered to be the purest profession, Starting from the Gurukulas age, education was the most self-less profession. Now that tag of the noble profession is getting contaminated by these external factors of the business. Let us explore why.…/commercialization-of-education/


8,886 Sarv Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA) contractual teachers are protesting against regularization. As per the contract for the past 10 years, the salary was 42,800. Due to the regularization, they will get 15,000 per month as starting level pay under the leadership of Sanjha Adhiyapak Morcha. Minister O P SONI said, “it was a historical decision taken by the government for regularization of 8886 contractual teachers”. With the help of talks and discussions with the members of Dharna, the count of the members is decreasing. He also mentioned that already 2000 teachers have joined the work and strict actions will be taken against teachers who don’t teach in schools and all the rule should be aware by the teachers as well.


200 Girls has protested at Punjab University to allow them inside the hostels after 9 pm. They were slogans like “Hostel Kolo”, “PU prashan Mudrabad” and “Naari mukti,sabki mukti zindabad”. It has been mentioned that its necessary to open the hostel because of it too early to close at 9 pm and one of the protests said that “we are responsible for our own safety” and government has to accept the demands if not answer us.

They also demanded other problems with respect to women-centric such as proper lighting on streets and hoarding of anti-sexual harassment outside hostels should be present.


For the very time, IIM-Indore selected Himanshu Rai as the director of IIM-Indore who has less than 10 years of experience as a professor and the IIM- Act currently prepared by the HRD ministry reiterate 10  years Professorship as a criterion for appointment as director.

They also mentioned that IIM-Indore has started inviting applications for directors post however, the only qualification required or to be mention is that they should be below the age of 60 and With the absence of rules under IIM-Act, they ca appointment a professor as a director who has less than 10 years of experience as a professor and the last date was sept 4 to apply for the director’s post.


Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday said he wants students to learn and understand Sanskrit and not “mug it up for exams” as so many beautiful things were said in the language. “The beauty of the language is that those who understand it will never be a restriction on someone’s path and it is one of the reasons why I want people to understand the language,” Sisodia said while addressing students after a school-level competition on the language here. “He also mentioned that it not to make Sanskrit popular but to make life beautiful with it”.


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